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Thermal Products manufactures heat exchangers and is a stocking distributor for Basco, Ketema, ITT, Thermal Transfer, American Industrial and Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers with quick ship capabilities. Thermal Products understands the importance of being able to provide quality designs and products in a timely fashion to get you back up and running. When your process goes down, Thermal Products stands ready to assist. Our engineering knowledge and attention to customer service afford us the ability to optimally design an engineered solution to your application needs with many of the products below.
The Basco Type 500 and HT units remain the industry standard in value and long-term reliability. This proven fixed tubesheet shell and tube heat exchanger offers the cost effectiveness that comes with having a highly standardized design, while easily providing various options to meet specific customer requirements. Quick ship options available. Contact us today!
Our plate heat exchangers utilize corrugated plates stacked between a fixed and movable pressure plate. The corrugation patterns alternate for maximum operating pressures and heat transfer coefficients. Almost all of the plate material is used for heat transfer, plate heat exchangers can have large amounts of effective heat transfer surface in a small footprint. It is not uncommon that a plate heat exchanger will have the same thermal capacity as a shell and tube five times larger. Our plate heat exchangers incorporate superior design features to ensure long-term performance and customer satisfaction.

Engineered Solutions to Industrial Applications

Regardless of your industry, Thermal Products, Inc has the right equipment for your process requirements. The dependability of our product line can satisfy even the most demanding and versatile clients.

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