Heatec manufacturers Thermal Fluid heaters and packages them with pumps, tanks, valves and controls for the tightest of applications.  With gas, fuel oil or electricity as the heat source, Heatec has the right product for your application.  Some of our applications are as follows.

  • Natural Gas heating and processing
    • Regulator and Meter stations
    • Regen heaters for gas treatment
    • Gas turbine fuel preheating
  • Mold and extruder heating
  • Roofing manufacturing process heating
  • Amine and Glycol reboilers
  • Ammonia heating
  • Heating calendar rolls
  • Dryers and Kilns
  • Edible oil deodorizers
  • Jacketed reactor heating and cooling
  • Liquid gas vaporization
  • Ovens and fryers
  • Plant utility heating
  • Process Gas and Air heating
  • Process chemical reactors
  • Water heating
  • Steam superheating
  • Lube oil and Fuel oil heating
  • Hydraulic and heat transfer oils
  • water/glycol solution heating

Heatec builds fired thermal fluid heaters and process heaters in outputs from 0.5 to 125 million Btu/hour. These thermal fluid heat transfer systems serve numerous industries. 

Heatec designs include two-pass helical coil heaters from 0.5 to 60-million Btu/hour, All-convection Convectec™ heaters up to 125-million Btu/hour, Three-pass helical coil heaters up to 60-million Btu/hour, Vertical serpentine heater/vaporizers, Mixing tanks, Bath heaters, Waste heat recovery systems, Code expansion tanks and piping, Pump Skids, and more. Please contact us with any questions.