We can assist with the following applications:

  • Engine Control and Monitoring
    • Liquid temperature control
      • Model B Valve
      • Model C Valve
      • Model D Valve
      • Model E Valve
      • Model G Valve
      • Model H Valve
      • Model J Valve
      • Model R Valve
    • Fuel shutoff valves
    • Air start valves
    • Sensors for speed, pressure, temperature and vibration
    • Oil conditioning monitoring
  • Compressor Solutions
    • Liquid temperature control
    • Fuel engine shut down devices
    • Lube oil control and filtration
    • Sensors and switches
  • Hazardous Area Solutions
    • Temperature control valves
    • Air intake shutoff valves

AMOT Thermstatices Valve Kits

Thermal Products offers a complete line of genuine AMOT service kits for AMOT thermostatic valves.  AMOT service kits include all of the components necessary to conduct complete servicing of AMOT temperature control valves, including new temperature control elements and seals.

Why is valve maintenance important?

Thermostatic temperature control valves are a rugged, reliable, and repeatable means of controlling your vital fluid temperatures. But the ability of your temperature control valve to maintain a constant temperature can fade over time.  Prolonged operation at extreme temperature, pressure, and flow can reduce the effectiveness of your TCV, as can exposure to foreign chemicals and particulate matter. Film and scale can develop on internal mechanisms, components can wear, corrode or fatigue and elastomeric O-rings can harden or swell. Degradation of components can eventually cause a degradation in valve performance. And as temperatures begin to stray from your desired set point, your engine or turbine performance begins to suffer.

AMOT Service Kits make easy work out of maintaining your TCV in top condition for optimum temperature control of your capital equipment.  When performance is on the line, rely on genuine AMOT parts From Thermal Products.