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Silex Innovations, now a brand of Nelson Global Products, brings a foundation of expert engineering and a vision for technological innovation for sound control. Since 1982 Silex Innovations has been specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of acoustical products for use in industrial applications. Silex continues to create, build, and implement updated solutions to meet the ever increasing noise reduction demands of the world economy.


• Positive Displacement Blowers
• Centrifugal Multistage Blowers
• Pneumatic Conveying Systems
• Vacuum Trucks
• Compressors
• Compression Systems
• Engine Exhaust
• Marine Applications

Products Available:

• Industrial Silencers
• Emission Control Products
• Insulation Blankets
• Connectors
• Wye Connectors
• Vibration Isolation
• Expansion Bellows
• Exhaust Accessories

Design performance, product quality and customer satisfaction are the basis for Silex Innovations success. Silex strives to continually improve their commitment to each product and our commitment to a quieter life.

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