Enerquip has produced heat exchangers, tanks, and process equipment under various names for over 40 years for sanitary and industrial applications. Today, they build heat exchangers for sanitary (food, dairy, confectionary, beverage, and pharmaceutical), industrial (chemicals, petrochemicals, renewable energy, pulp & paper, and power), and military applications Nationally and Internationally. Enerquip also manufactures membrane and filtration housings, duct work, tanks and various other stainless steel equipment used by OEM’s and system providers.

Using the experience gained from building literally thousands of different exchangers, Enerquip applies leading design software and modern manufacturing methods each day on every new design. Enerquip's customers benefit from receiving the right heat exchanger solution for their unique processing need. As an ASME shop, an on-site third party inspector ensures that each code design meets ASME VIII, Div 1, TEMA – B,C and R, 3 A, Sanitary, CRN, USDA and PED requirements or other customer requested criteria before shipment.

In addition to custom heat exchangers, Enerquip maintains a complete line of standard heat exchangers in stock for quick delivery.  We also produce replacement bundles and parts for existing exchangers.