Enerquip has produced heat exchangers, tanks, and process equipment under various names for over 40 years for sanitary and industrial applications. Today, they build heat exchangers for sanitary (food, dairy, confectionary, beverage, and pharmaceutical), industrial (chemicals, petrochemicals, renewable energy, pulp & paper, and power), and military applications Nationally and Internationally. Enerquip also manufactures membrane and filtration housings, duct work, tanks and various other stainless steel equipment used by OEM’s and system providers.

Using the experience gained from building literally thousands of different exchangers, Enerquip applies leading design software and modern manufacturing methods each day on every new design. Enerquip's customers benefit from receiving the right heat exchanger solution for their unique processing need. As an ASME shop, an on-site third party inspector ensures that each code design meets ASME VIII, Div 1, TEMA – B,C and R, 3 A, Sanitary, CRN, USDA and PED requirements or other customer requested criteria before shipment.

In addition to custom heat exchangers, Enerquip maintains a complete line of standard heat exchangers in stock for quick delivery.  We also produce replacement bundles and parts for existing exchangers.

Markets Served By Enerquip

Enerquip’s custom industrial heat exchangers are used by many leading companies in a wide variety of industries, including:
Petroleum Refining
Pulp & Paper
Waste Water
US Government / Military
Shell & Tube Exchanger Sizes, Types and Standards
Enerquip’s shell and tube designs are manufactured according to TEMA guidelines with straight tubes, or U-tubes in shells ranging from 2″ to 48″ in diameter. Each heat exchanger will be build according to the requirements of the appropriate TEMA class for your application and environment – Class B, Class C and Class R.
Although Enerquip can design ASME code stamped heat exchangers for operating pressures as high as 3,000 psig, our standard heat exchangers are usually designed for 150 psig at 375 degrees F. We also provide heat exchangers that meet 3-A, PED, MOM and ANSI codes. A CRN (Canadian Registration Number) can be obtained for any of the Canadian provinces.
Materials of Construction
Enerquip fabricates shell and tube heat exchangers from a wide variety of stainless steel alloys, from common 304L and 316L to duplex stainless teels like 2205, 2507 and Zeron 100. We also use corrosion resistant alloys like Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Monel 600, AL-6XN, Titanium and copper-nickel alloys.
Because of concerns about cross-contamination of materials, Enerquip does not work with carbon steel in their facility. Because of Enerquip's stainless steel buying power, they are normally able to offer a 100% stainless steel exchanger in a competitive price compared to carbon steel. This gives our customer's higher value and lower maintenance costs on your equipment.
Special Requests? – Just Ask Us!
Customize your heat exchanger to make it work the best for you. Enerquip offers the following options:
  • Insulation (non-asbestos and chloride free)
  • Horizontal saddles or vertical mounting supports
  • Vacuum breakers, sight glasses
  • NPT threaded, Sanitary Tri-clamp, RFSO or RFWN connections
  • Davit arms (used with heavy bonnet designs)
  • Flow enhanced tubing or twisted tape tabulators
  • Floating tube sheets for thermal expansion protection