Brawn Mixer


Brawn Mixer liquid mixing systems are engineered to the specific processing requirements of your mixing application. High-performance materials of construction and build specifications ensure reliability; proper design and engineering and extensive process expertise improves output quality.

No matter your mixing application, Brawn Mixer has the technology and design expertise to create an in-tank mixing solution that will assist your process. With our partners at Brawn Mixer, the team at Thermal Products will strive to create a solution that will improve your process and save you money and energy while doing it.

Whether your need is for an industrial mixer for production or a pilot scale mixing system for mixing applications from bio-pharma, cleanrooms to mining, Brawn mixers bring unparalleled versatility to industrial mixing applications.

From Portable Mixers and High Capacity Mixers to Side Entry Mixers, Brawn Mixer is ready to meet the needs of Thermal Products customers in the petroleum, chemical, water and wastewater, mineral processing, pulp and paper, and other industries.

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