KP6 Series Portable Oil Filtration Carts


Equipment protection from contaminated oil is a must in every industry. Filtration Group’s Kaydon Filtration understands that downtime and equipment failure are the ultimate enemy in any profitable business. Kaydon Filtration has developed application-specific filtration technologies to provide reliable, effective, long-term equipment protection against contaminated oil. Portable filtration systems from Kaydon Filtration are designed rugged and compact while providing versatility and mobility in oil filtration.

The KP618-5, KP636-5, and KP636-10 portable oil filtration systems significantly reduce the probability of oi-related mechanical failures, equipment unavailability, and unscheduled maintenance costs due to contaminated oil.  The portable hand-truck style KP6 series offers a high-capacity offline filtration system for use with petroleum-based fluid reservoirs up to 600 gallons. Kaydon Filtration KAYMAX® filtration elements are offered for particulate removal, and if water removal is desired, a KQD KAYDRI® element is available.

The KP6 series is available in a variety of voltage options as well as explosion-proof and customized flow rates.


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