Indeeco designs and manufactures electric heating equipment and electronic controls for industrial and commercial applications. Indeeco's comprehensive product line contains both standard and custom designs for heating air, gases and liquids.

Products offered include Screw plug immersion heaters, Flanged immersion heaters, Over-the-Side heaters, Circulation heaters, Finned Tubular heaters, Storage Tank Heaters, Cooling Tower Heater & Controls and Strip heaters.  Process Air Heaters including Open Coil, Tubular & Finned Tubular, and Impedance Pipeline Heating Systems.

Many of our heaters have certifications from UL, UR, CSA, and ASME. Panels are constructed to many NEMA classifications.

Some of the applications include, but not limited to:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Furnace Heating
  • Desiccant Drying
  • Food Processing
  • Hot Water sets
  • Storage tank heating
  • Booster heating

Whatever the application, Thermal Products, Inc has the right electric heating solution for you.

Products Available:

  • Process Air Heaters
  • Process Circulation Heaters
  • Flanged Immersion Heaters
  • Screw Plug Immersion Heaters
  • Tubular Elements
  • Finned Tubular Elements
  • Open Coil Heaters
  • EXP Explosion Proof Unit Heaters (Download Brochure)
  • UHIR Electric Unit Heaters - In Stock Units Below Available For Immediate Shipment - Contact Us Today!

UHIR Unit Heaters Available Immediately (Download Brochure)

  • S240-U1033C-DT      UHIR 3.3kW 208/1
  • S240-U1037U-DT      UHIR 3.7kW 480/3 
  • S240-U1050C-DT      UHIR 5kW 208/1
  • S240-U1050U-DT      UHIR 5kW 480/3
  • S240-U2075U-DT      UHIR 7.5kW 480/3
  • S240-U2100U-DT      UHIR 10kW 480/3

Indeeco has recently acquired Accutherm and Heatrex brands to add to their product line.

Heatrex TM