Niagara Blower


Since 1904 Niagara Blower has been known for the design and manufacturing of high quality 

Wet Surface Air Cooler( WSAC™) units and systems for process and power industries. The unique design of the Wet Surface Air Cooler (WSAC™) unit allows an approach of 10 degrees F to the wet bulb temperature instead of the dry bulb temperature. This allows the customer to cool the fluid to a much lower temperature than other types of cooling towers, while considerably minimizing or reducing make-up water.

On May 29, 2013, Alfa Laval acquired Niagara Blower and Kathabar – expanding its heat transfer portfolio and building a leadership position with wet surface air cooler and dehumidification technologies in North America. The Niagara Blower and Kathabar product ranges are currently being fully integrated into Alfa Laval.