Lynchburg Air Preheater Corp


Lynchburg Air Preheater Corp. (LAPCO) provides high quality custom engineered and designed heaters and coolers. LAPCO engineers and designs its products using state of the art technology and equipment. They apply the rules of ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, section VIII, Div.1 and section 1, in conjunction with your designs requirements, to supply you with the best heat transfer products. Some applications include:

  • HVAC for heating, cooling, dehumidifying and spray coils
  • Autoclave applications, gas turbines inlet cooling/heating and manifold piping
  • Heat recovery
  • Replacement coils
  • Water coil air heaters
  • Custom applications
  • Coils for film, pulp & paper, oriented strand board, and other types of drying applications
  • Other special gas/fluid heat exchangers

Regardless of your industry, Thermal Products, Inc has the right equipment for your process requirements.  The dependability of our product line can satisfy even the most demanding and versatile clients.