Fabsco Fin Air


Fabsco Fin Air manufactures heavy duty air-cooled heat exchangers for the industrial, process and power generation markets with applications that include engine jacket water cooling, compressor intercoolers, aftercoolers and oil coolers and plant process applications using the latest thermal design software.

Fabsco Fin Air designs has been proven with unique features such as heavy duty bearings, bolted construction, and shoulder plugs with metal gasket opposite each tube end. The Fabsco Fin Air designs use their wrap-on fin as standard but can produce an L-tension fin and embedded fin as an option.

Fabsco Fin Air offers Forced Air Coolers in Vertical and Horizontal arrangements or Induced Draft in both Vertical and Horizontal arrangements.  All arrangements offer Plug Header boxes are standard SA-516 Gr. 70 plate material but can also be supplied in stainless steel or other high alloy material if required.  Materials can be stainless steel, galvanized or painted to your very specific needs.

Fabsco Fin Air can offer Air coolers for the following applications:

• Gas Compression packages
• Gas Compressor intercoolers and aftercoolers
• Lube oil coolers
• Process gas condensers
• Process gas coolers
• Engine generator jacket water cooling
• Engine generator charge air cooling

Tube Materials Include:

• Seamless and welded steel
• Seamless and welded stainless steel
• 2205 Duplex
• Chrome Moly
• Copper and Copper nickel
• Titanium

Header Materials include:

• Carbon steel
• HIC quality and tested carbon steel
• Chrome Moly
• Stainless steels
• 2205 Duplex
• Titanium

Available Options:

• Louvers (manual or automatic)
• Over end warm air re-circulation systems for freeze protection
• Over side warm air re-circulation systems for freeze protection
• Walkways and ladders
• Motor and fan maintenance platforms
• Automatic fans
• Variable frequency drives (VFD)
• Leg extensions
• Tube side connection spool pieces

Fabsco Fin Air can build and certify to the following standards and certifications below.

• ASME Section VIII, Division 1
• API 661

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