Bell & Gosset Heat Exchangers

Bell & Gosset Heat Exchangers

Thermal Products offers complete Bell and Gossett Heat Exchangers and replacement bundles as dimensionally exact, “DROP IN REPLACEMENT” units. Our units are duplicates of Bell and Gossett Steam to Water, Model “SU” and Bell and Gossett Water to Water, Model “WU”.

Thermal Products offers these in 2, 4 and 6 pass arrangements, 4″ nominal thru 30″ nominal shell diameter.

Our dimensionally interchangeable units and replacement bundles are, in many cases, better materials than original Bell and Gossett heat exchangers. Thermal Products, dimensionally interchangeable, heat exchangers provide dependable, efficient performance for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications where fluids need to be heated or cooled.

Our products offer industry-wide compatibility and are available in numerous materials, working temperatures and pressures.

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