Cooling Tower Basin Heater Bundles


Indeeco Cooling Tower Basin Heaters

Thermal Products offers Indeeco’s pre-engineered, UL Listed/CSA Approved package for freeze protecting cooling tower basins. In northern climates “shut-downs” can wreak havoc on your process when cooling tower basins freeze and upon “start-up”, cannot flow water to cool your process. Heaters are pre-set at the factory with a set point of 45F and will fit all tower manufactures below.

If you do not know your specific heater and control panel part number, then just call with you cooling tower model number and water depth

  • Marley
  • Baltimore Air CoilDelta Cooling Tower
  • Evapco
  • SPX Cooling
  • EvapTech
  • Midwest Towers
  • Niagara Blower
  • Ecodyne

The Cooling Tower Basin Heater package contains the following equipment:

  • Electric Immersion Heater(s)
  • Control Panel with Solid-State Printed Circuit Board
  • Sensor Probe with 12ft Cord. Longer cords are available upon request.
  • Wiring Diagram
  • Installation and Operating Instructions

We offer the following options for your cooling tower basin heater package:

  • Disconnect Switch
  • Fuses
  • Circuit Breaker

Thermal Products offers Indeeco Control Panel Standard Features for your control package:

  • Solid-State Control : Pre-set 45° F ON/OFF temperature control with 5° F switching differential and built-in low water cutoff.
  • Circuit board LED’s provide visual indication of heater-on and liquid level status.
  • Ambient Temperature Range : -40° F to 150° F
  • Fail Safe : Output relay is de-energized if the input sensor is either open or short-circuited. This prevents heater burnout problems.
  • NEMA 4X enclosure with pre-mounted electrical hubs for conduit connections.
  • Single probe to sense both water temperature and water level. Sensor probe supplied with 12-foot outdoor rated cord pre-connected to control panel. Probe also supplied with PVC hub connector for attachments through cooling tower basin wall.
  • Nameplate showing maximum kW and amp ratings at system volts/phase.
  • System Wiring Diagram.

Installation and Operating Instructions.

Rated for maximum of 40 amps or 50 amps with disconnect switch when specified.

Suitable for multiple heaters per basin (maximum of 2 on 40 amp panel).

Disconnect switch with door interlock and operator handle, which can be padlocked in the "OFF" position.

Panel Dimensions :

8" x 10" x 6" for 40 amp size
10" x 12" x 7" for 50 amp size
14" x 16" x 8" for two circuits

Control panels rated greater than 50 amps are supplied with two circuits and offered either with built-in fusing or a circuit breaker for each circuit.

The Advantages of the Indeeco Cooling Tower Basin Heater package are:

Solid-State Control
Outmoded bulb and capillary control has been replaced with new patented solid-state technology which combines temperature control with low water level protection in a single solid-state device.

NEMA 4X Enclosure
Most controls are factory wired inside a rugged NEMA 4X enclosure designed for wet, outdoor use. Pre-engineered designs up to 96 amps are available with stock and built-to-order listings, two circuit panels use a NEMA 4 enclosure.

Lower Cost
Installation time and cost are reduced by replacing individually mounted temperature and liquid level control devices with one pre-engineered and assembled control package that requires only one probe to sense both water temperature and level.

Sensor Probe Specifications :

Sensor Probe : INDEECO probe assembly incorporating both temperature and liquid level sensors.

Probe is made out of 316 stainless steel to minimize corrosion. Probe can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Maximum Pressure Rating for Sensor Probe : 15 psi

Cord : 12-foot outdoor rated cord with PVC hub connector for installation through tower basin wall. Options include different cord lengths or cord suitable for total immersion.

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