BTO/BTR series mixers are mainstays of the Brawn Mixer industrial mixer line. They are rugged and reliably designed and incorporate features like oversized, hardened output shafts and 100,000-hour life tapered roller bearings. For these reason, many BTO/BTR series mixers are still in service today after 25+ years.

Brawn BWG series industrial mixers are a versatile solution for applications where headroom, for removal or other constraints require a compact mixer package. The BWG series features a worm gear drive in a right-angle configuration, which brings reliable performance to extreme duty applications at low speed, making it ideal for applications such as flocculation or polymer blending.

BWG series mixers can be configured with a variety of seal types. Housings can be specified in stainless steel or high strength aluminum, and feature flexible output couplings for torque protection.

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Brawn Mixer Industrial Mixer


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