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Thermal Products Inc is excited to annouce the new launch of the Serenity line of Puck silencers. 

The Serenity has a number of improvements and advantages over the  Harmony Silencer product.

Improved Sound Performance over Harmony Silencer

Sound Performance meets or exceeds marketed values 

Enhanced Durability with Aluminized Steel vs. Carbon Steel – Improved Corrosion Resistance & thermal resistance

Consolidation of Hockey Puck style and Harmony into 1 product line utilizing the best design practices from both series.

Expanded standard size range up to 24” pipe size.

Reduces complexity to customer

Contact Thermal Products Inc to discuss your application today!

GT Exhaust and Silex both have been known as the "go to" manufacturers for Engine Silencers and PD & Centrifugal Blower Silencer. Their ability to design and build a quality product at competitive price levels are second to none.

GT Exhaust and Silex have the ability to offer many different arrangements and styles to fit almost any application. Whether your need fits an application below or not, contact Thermal Products and speak with our sales and engineering team about your next application today!

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• Positive Displacement Blowers
• Centrifugal Multistage Blowers
• Pneumatic Conveying Systems
• Vacuum Trucks
• Compressors
• Compression Systems
• Engine Exhaust
• Marine Applications

Products Available:

• Industrial Silencers
• Emission Control Products
• Insulation Blankets
• Connectors
• Wye Connectors
• Vibration Isolation
• Expansion Bellows
• Exhaust Accessories

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