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10TipsaHeaterThere are 10 major factors one should consider when deciding between open coil, finned tubular and tubular heater construction types for process heaters. Within these ten factors, the first four are key. If one heater type dominates these four considerations with its benefits, chances are it’s the right choice. If there’s no clear winner among these first four, the other six variables must be considered to determine the best design for the application.


coolingtowerA cooling tower primarily uses latent heat of vaporization (evaporation) to cool process water. Minor additional cooling is provided by the air because of its temperature increase. Cooling tower selection and performance is based on water flow rate, water inlet temperature, water outlet temperature and ambient wet bulb temperature.

circulationheaterElectric circulation heaters offer an efficient, economical means of heating water, oil, air or other liquids and gases. Careful planning and attention to heating requirements are essential to ensure that the heater you select will provide optimal performance for your application and offer years of trouble-free operation.

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