Kevin Sommerville – Vice President of Sales

Kevin Sommerville – Vice President of Sales

Kevin earned a B.S. in Finance from the State University of New York.  Kevin began his career with Thermal Products, Inc while studying for his undergraduate degree.  Now in his 20th year, Kevin handles the Direct accounts and the NY, NJ, PA trade areas for Thermal Products, Inc.  In addition, Kevin brings focus to the sales and operational side of the business.  Kevin’s role is to achieve  yearly company goals through high levels of customer service, engineering design, and marketing through varying media outlets.

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UHIR Series Unit Heater

The UHIR unit heater is available in 50 standard models with ratings up to 50 KW at voltages of 208, 240, 277, and 480 single or three-phase. They are available with a wide variety of factory built-in or field-installed options.

Temperature Control: Single-stage or two-stage control with built-in or remote-mounted thermostats are available on all heaters.

Control Options: Available as factory built-in or field-installed to meet job specifications.

Custom KW's: Custom KW's are available up to 50 KW.

Discharge Direction: The UHIR heater can be mounted for horizontal or vertical discharge using an optional universal wall/ceiling mounting bracket or with field-furnished threaded rods for ceiling mounting.

Color Options: The standard color is camel. Six optional colors are available: grey, yellow, red, white, blue or textured beige. Heaters may also be supplied with unpainted corrosion resistant galvanized steel.

IUH Colors

Standard Construction Features

Heating Elements
Industrial grade, 0.475" diameter steel sheath with brazed copper plated steel fins and epoxy sealed ends. Draw-thru airflow design pulls air across the heating elements to ensure cool element operation and even air distribution resulting in long element life.

Heating elements and motor are enclosed in a heavy gauge galvanized steel cabinet with a durable camel polyester powder coat finish.

Outlet Grille
Individually adjustable louvers are provided to direct airflow. A protective outlet fan guard is provided to prevent insertion of foreign objects.

Fan Motor
Permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor.

Built-in Controls
All units include an automatic reset thermal cutout that will de-energize the heater if an overtemperature condition occurs. A manual reset thermal cutout, in addition to an automatic reset thermal cutout, is standard on heaters 10 KW and above. A fan relay is provided to allow the elements to heat up before fan startup and purges the heater of residual heat after shutdown. A 24-volt transformer and disconnecting contactor are provided on most heaters. Single-phase heaters rated at 5 KW or less have line voltage controls; 24-volt control and contactor are available. Power fusing is standard on all heaters rated over 48 amps.

Universal horizontal or vertical discharge. Optional diffusers are available for vertical discharge. An Anemostat diffuser can be used to provide draft-free air movement at lower mounting heights. For higher mounting heights, radial diffuser with adjustable fins can be used to increase floor coverage or adjusted for a vertical down blast of air.

Factory Built-in Options

• Custom KW – Contact Thermal Products Inc
• Power disconnect switch
• Fusing under 48 Amps, not available on heaters 3 to 10 KW
• Manual Reset Cutout (In addition to automatic cutout) on heaters up to 10KW
• “Heater On” Pilot Light
• Built-in 24V transformer and contactor for 3 to 5 KW, single phase heaters.
• 120V Transformer to replace 24V Transformer
• Summer Fan Switch
• Summer Fan Switch: Remote Pilot Duty
• Built-in Thermostat: 1- or 2-Stage
• Anemostat (Cone) Diffuser
• Radial Diffuser
• 2-Stage Control
• Field-Installed Options
• Shipped loose for field installation into heater.
• Anemostat (Cone) Diffuser
• Radial Diffuser
• Horizontal Dust Shield
• Disconnect Switch
• Built-in Thermostat: 1- or 2-Stage
• “Heater On” Pilot Light
• Summer Fan Switch: Built-in or Remote

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Ultra-Safe™ EXP Explosion-proof Unit Heater

Thermal Products is happy to spotlight the Indeeco Ultra-Safe™ EXP explosion-proof unit heater is designed with both safety and versatility in mind. Unique ULTRA-SAFE™ EXP features include:

Industry’s Lowest Ignition Temperature Code Rating: T3C, 320°F (160°C)

Dual Overtemperature Protection: With both automatic and manual reset overtemperature cutouts for additional safety.

Nontoxic Propylene Glycol Heat Transfer Fluid

Low 70 PSIG Relief Valve Setting: This assures that in an emergency, the initial escaping vapor temperature remains below the 320°F (160°C) ignition temperature.

Corrosion Resistant Options: INDEECO offers three constructions suitable for most applications.

Standard construction for use in dry non-corrosive areas includes: welded steel heat exchanger; powder-coated cabinet.

A 316 stainless steel construction suitable for Waste Water Treatment Plants includes: 316 stainless steel heat exchanger, headers and tubes with aluminum fins; stainless steel cabinet; corrosion resistant hardware.

Third construction is suitable for use in Chemical Plants where chlorides are present and includes: Heresite® coated heat exchanger, cabinet, fan blade; corrosion resistant hardware.

Standard Construction Features

Heat Exchanger
Efficient liquid-to-air design utilizes an all welded steel headers and finned tube construction with spiral wound aluminum fins. Industrial grade INDEECO heating elements are immersed in a nontoxic, inhibited, propylene glycol heat transfer fluid that provides freeze protection down to -49°F (-45°C). The heat exchanger is hydrostatically tested at 350 psig. A pressure relief valve provides excess pressure protection and is set at 70 psig.

Fan Motor Assembly
Consists of an explosion-proof motor fitted with an aluminum fan blade. The motor has double- shielded, permanently lubricated ball bearings and automatic reset line breaking thermal overload protection. Motors furnished on standard units operate at line voltage and are prewired to the control enclosure so separate field wiring to the motor is not required. The standard motor is rated for Class I, Groups C and D, Class II, Groups F and G. The minimum operating temperature is -14°F (-25°C) and the minimum storage temperature is -49°F (-45°C). Download the product data sheet for optional motor ratings.

Industrial grade, corrosion resistant construction fabricated from beige powder coated 14-gauge galvanized steel. The adjustable louvers have minimum opening safety stops.

Factory mounted on the unit heater. Standard built-in controls include automatic and manual reset overtemperature cutouts, controlling magnetic contactor, and 24-volt control circuit transformer housed in a NEMA 7, 9 cast aluminum enclosure.

Factory Built-in Options

316 Stainless Steel Corrosion-Resistant Construction (Waste Water Treatment Plants)
316 Stainless steel heat exchanger with aluminum fins, 316 stainless steel cabinet; aluminum fan blade; cast aluminum NEMA 4, 7, 9 control enclosure; corrosion-resistant hardware; corrosion-resistant protective coated motor, which has passed the ASTM B117 salt-spray test.

Dirty Duty Corrosion-Resistant Construction (Chemical Plants)
Heresite® coated heat exchanger, cabinet and fan blade; cast aluminum NEMA 4, 7, 9 control enclosure; corrosion-resistant hardware; corrosion-resistant protective coated motor which has passed the ASTM B117 salt-spray test.

Disconnect Switch
Factory installed on the unit heater above the control enclosure. This is an inexpensive and positive way to meet NEC/CEC requirements for a disconnecting means within sight of the heater.

Group E (Metal Dust) Construction
Class II, Group E (Metal Dust) Construction Temperature Code T3C, 320°F (160°C)

"Warning" Pilot Light
Indicates when the thermal cutouts have tripped and the unit heater needs servicing.

"Heater On" Pilot Light
Indicates when the electric heating elements are energized.

Manual Reset Thermal Cutout with Backup Contactor
A pilot duty manual reset thermal cutout with a backup contactor is provided for independent secondary overtemperature protection. This option cannot be provided if option Code S or V are also specified.

Auto/Fan Selector Switch
A two-position switch wired to the control circuit for auto (automatic heat) and fan only control. This selector switch cannot be provided if option Code M or V are also specified.

Adjustable Thermostat
Factory installed and prewired to the control enclosure. Thermostat is adjustable from 50° to 90°F (10° to 32°C) range.

120 Volt Control Circuit
Can be provided when required for special external thermostat circuit. This option cannot be provided if option Code S or M are also specified. Nor can both K and L be specified.


Mounting Kit
These are available for ceiling, wall and pole mounting.

Remote Thermostat
A remote wall mounted thermostat is available.


Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups C and D
Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F and G
Class I, Zones 1 and 2, Group IIB
Temperature Code T3C, 320°F (160°C)



Aircraft Hangars/Service Areas
Chemical Storage/Handling Areas
Coal Preparation Plants
Compressor Stations
Grain Elevators
Oil Refineries and Rigs
Paint Storage Areas
Petrochemical Plants
Sewage Pump Stations/ Treatment Plants
Spray Booths

GT Exhaust and Silex both have been known as the "go to" manufacturers for Engine Silencers and PD & Centrifugal Blower Silencer. Their ability to design and build a quality product at competitive price levels are second to none.

GT Exhaust and Silex have the ability to offer many different arrangements and styles to fit almost any application. Whether your need fits an application below or not, contact Thermal Products and speak with our sales and engineering team about your next application today!

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• Positive Displacement Blowers
• Centrifugal Multistage Blowers
• Pneumatic Conveying Systems
• Vacuum Trucks
• Compressors
• Compression Systems
• Engine Exhaust
• Marine Applications

Products Available:

• Industrial Silencers
• Emission Control Products
• Insulation Blankets
• Connectors
• Wye Connectors
• Vibration Isolation
• Expansion Bellows
• Exhaust Accessories

Thermal Products has arrived at the Craft Brewers Conference in Washington D.C. stop by to see Scott D Robinson and the Advantage Engineering Team at booth #645!


Thermal Products Inc, will be participating at the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) & Brew Expo America in our nation’s Capital, Washington D.C., together with our partners Advantage Engineering and Enerquip Heat Exchangers

This annual event allows exhibitors and buyers to develop profitable business relationships and helps brewing and brewery restaurant professionals encounter the latest and best products and services that industry vendors have to offer.

We’ll be there to show ours!

Please visit Scott Robinson of Thermal Products and our partners at the booth locations below.

Advantage Engineering Booth #645

Enerquip Heat Exchangers Booth #2002

Learn how Thermal Products can assist you with your quick tank heating needs to your fully customized tank heating needs for all types of fluids.

In 1998 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ruled that owners of Underground Storage Tanks must conform to standards that were established for secondary containment. Secondary containment tank is a tank assembly consisting of a primary tank and an integral outer secondary containment means capable of being monitored for leakage. EPA required all Underground Storage Tanks to be retrofitted to meet secondary containment requirements, removed or replaced by Above Ground Storage Tanks. Many State Agencies have indicated the use of Above Ground Storage Tanks is the best option. Above-ground Storage Tanks are usually installed outdoors which can lead to problems when the product viscosity is affected by colder temperatures. The solution is to add a heater to warm the product and maintain a free flowing viscosity.

Design Requirements:
An 8,000 gallon rectangular Above-ground Storage Tank filled with diesel fuel was installed at a major airport in the U.S. With a design outside winter temperature of ‐20ºF and 10 MPH winds a heater is required to maintain the fuel at 40ºF. Since no openings were allowed in the side of the tank the only access for the heater was through the top of the tank. Using the new INDEECO I‐HEAT heater selection program it was quickly determined that a 2 KW immersion heater would be required.

INDEECO selected an over‐the‐side flanged deep tank immersion heater with a remote industrial control panel. The heater used was a 3‐inch 150# carbon steel flange and 0.475 diameter steel elements rated at 6 watts per square inch. The 46‐inch long heating elements were mounted to a 76‐inch riser which positioned the elements in the lower half of the tank. The heater was furnished with both high limit and temperature control thermocouples.

One of INDEECO’s standard NEMA 4X industrial control panels equipped with a main power disconnect switch, controlling contactor, transformer, digital thermostat, Type J thermocouple controller, status pilot light and 150 watt enclosure heater was selected to control the heater.

INDEECO Advantages:
The customer was looking for a quick solution. INDEECO was able to offer a quick-ship standard industrial panel. The custom heater’s lead‐time was 5‐weeks and the panel was available in 2‐weeks.

Contact Thermal Products to see how we, with INDEECO can assist you with all your tank heating needs

Written by Indeeco

An Advantage Engineering, Evaporative Cooling Tower Stand is used to elevate the outdoor mounted cooling tower to facilitate gravity return of water from the cooling tower to an indoor tank. Saving energy, by eliminating the need for a cooling tower pump and conduit runs and opening up critical ground space for other equipment needs.

Advantage Power Tower cooling tower cells from 45-135 ton capacity use a galvanized steel bolt together stand.

The galvanized steel, bolt together stand provides a rigid mounting and is easy to install. It requires no welding or post assembly painting and is designed to last for many years.

The stand is available in three (3) heights; 5 foot, 10 foot and 15 foot.

Power Tower cooling towers from 170-540 ton capacity use a welded and painted steel stand.

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The Metal Particle Detector switch from AMOT can detect and alert equipment operations of the presence of metal particles in nonconductive fluid lubrication systems (lube oil, transmission fluid etc).

Typical applications

Developed for use in manual and automatic control systems:

  • Reciprocating equipment
    - gas engines
    - diesel engines
    - compressors

  • Rotating equipment
    - gas turbines
    - steam turbines
    - transmissions and gear boxes
    - pumps
    - compressors

At utility gas let down stations, the natural gas transmitted through the pipelines is reduced in pressure from the transmission pressure (up to 700 psi) down to a pressure range of 30-50 psi.  As the pressure is let down, the gas expands.  During the expansion of the gas it will cool, generally in the range of 10 F for each atmosphere of expansion.  As the gas cools, the water vapor in the gas stream will freeze if the temperature of the gas drops low enough.  The ice from the gas stream will cause severe problems in the valves and piping.  To avoid the potential problem of ice formation, the gas is heated prior to the pressure let down.  Typically the natural gas is heated from approximately 320 F to 850 F using a hot glycol solution or thermal oil at 1500 F.

Thermal Products recommends a high pressure API Heat Transfer Basco TEMA Type BEP or BEU shell & tube heat exchanger for natural gas heaters.  A type BEP is a straight through design allowing the heat exchanger to easily be installed in the pipeline.  With the high pressure gas flowing through the tubes, the BEP's floating tubesheet design protects the unit from the stresses of differential thermal expansion. 

The U-Tube configuration of the type BEU allows it to handle differential thermal expansion since the bent tubing is inherently free to expand.  Both the BEP and BEU designs avoid the use of packing on the tubeside thus minimizing the chance for a dangerous natural gas leak to the atmosphere.  A glycol solution or thermal oil from a Thermal Fluid Heater is circulated through the shellside of the heat exchanger, and returned to the boiler.  Natural gas heaters are sized using the lowest gas pressure case, since the maximum tube velocity is obtained from the lowest operating pressure.

A variety of materials can be used but generally the heat exchanger is constructed entirely of carbon steel.  This provides the required strength for the critical operating conditions while minimizing the cost of the heat exchanger.  A rupture disc is normally provided on the shellside to protect the heat exchanger in the unlikely event of a tube failure.  The rupture disc allows a safe escape of the high-pressure gas should a tube rupture allowing the gas to enter the shellside of the heat exchanger. 

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Two Basco Type 500 shell and tube heat exchangers with flanged connections ready for shipment.  Contact us today to see how Thermal Products can assist you!

Some of the Basco 500 Features include:

Performance notes.
 Cost-effective, standard design for maximum performance
at minimum cost
 Readily available with short lead times
 Uses precision-punched baffles to minimize fluid bypass
and maximize heat transfer
 Manufactured for a wide range of duties in state-of-the-art
ISO-certified facilities
Features and specifications.
 Removable and non-removable straight tube or
U-tube bundles
 One-, two-, and four-pass designs
 High-strength shells in carbon steel or stainless steel
 Tubesheets are welded to the shell; holes are precision
drilled for proper fit and sealing
 Baffles are hot-rolled punched steel for enhanced strength
and reliability – engineered for correct fit to reduce tube
wall damage from high-velocity liquids or gases
 Tubes are available in a range of materials, depending on
the application, and are roller expanded using controlled
pressure to ensure proper bond
 Heavy-duty mounting brackets can be reversed or rotated;
slotted holes allow for quick install
 Fabricated end bonnet heads are standard on TEMA-C
and some ASME units; zinc anodes available for
added protection
 Connections available, threaded or flanged, in 3 in., 4 in.,
5 in., 6 in., and 8 in. diameters – additional connections can
be added

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