Hudson Products designs and manufactures air-cooled heat exchangers to serve the industrial, oil, gas and petrochemical processing industries. Through continuous innovation, Hudson Products has become the pioneer in this field, developing internationally recognized trademarks such as Fin-Fan® Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, Hy-Fin® Extruded Finned Tubing, and Tuf-Lite® and Tuf-Lite II® FRP Axial Flow Fans for air coolers and cooling towers.

All air-cooled heat exchangers are custom designed to customer requirements and industry standards such as ASME, API and ISO.

Some of the applications Hudson Products handles are:

  • Process Coolers
  • Gas Coolers
  • Gas Compressor Inter Coolers and After Coolers
  • Condensers
  • Lube Oil Coolers
  • Amine Re-Boilers

Hudson Products Corporation is committed to a Total Quality Management Process. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality of products and services to our customers.